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Take advantage of a practical and discounted way of transporting your freight.

Many benefits await you with our Less than Truckload (LTL) Freight shipping service. For one, this service saves our clients the cost of paying for an entire (standard) truck to have their goods transported⁠, especially when the quantity of their package doesn’t occupy the transport vehicle’s total capacity. Once you decide to avail of our LTL Freight service, you can expect to have your goods shipped along with the property of our other customers to optimize the spaces left unoccupied in our trucks. Despite such a setting, Coverall Delivery promises to handle all your cargo with utmost caution— as if it were transported on an exclusive vehicle. This service is ideal for freight weighing 5 pounds to 4,000 pounds; some limitations will apply.

Other benefits of choosing LTL Freight Services include:

  • Cost Efficiency
  • Pallet Packaging (to enhance security)
  • Small-Business Friendly
  • Lesser Carbon Footprint

Knowing an estimate of your delivery’s cost helps you prepare the right sum of money before we pick up your freight. Take the opportunity to request a free quote from us by filling up our online form.