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Experience a fast-track delivery without the cost of damaging your packages.

Compared to traditional shipping procedures, our Time Sensitive Delivery service makes it possible for transported goods to arrive at a (long-distance) destination in a faster duration. Suppose our client needs to ship a perishable yet a highly-valuable product. In that case, we encourage them to seek this particular service since its short transit time minimizes any potential risks and damages from occurring. Time Sensitive Delivery also renders a niched service for situations wherein a parcel needs to arrive at the destination before an upcoming event⁠— like Christmas or a birthday. With Coverall Delivery, you can rest knowing that your package will come in a good piece, no matter how rushed the transport process.

You have the option to select a category of our Time Sensitive Delivery service that suits your situation best:
RUSH – 2 hour delivery (Around the Metro area)
URGENT – 4-hour delivery (All Southern California areas)
SAME DAY – 6-hour delivery (Pickup by noon)

Do you have further inquiries about our Time Sensitive Delivery service? Are you unsure if this particular service can cover your situation? Share all your concerns with us by calling 800-478-7818 or answering our online contact form. We are ready to accommodate you most helpfully.